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SIDtoday is the internal newsletter for the NSA’s most important division, the Signals Intelligence Directorate. The Intercept released four years’ worth of newsletters in batches, starting with 2003, after editorial review. From the documents and the accompanying articles available in this archive, you can learn a surprising amount about what the agency's spies were doing, how they were doing it, and why.

May. 29 2019, 16:00 p.m.
After the publication of more than 2,000 NSA documents spanning four years, The Intercept is concluding the SIDtoday project with the eighth release. Drawing on 287 SIDtoday articles from late 2006, the batch reveals how a revolutionary U.S. intelligence mapping system made European allies complicit in targeted killings in Afghanistan and was later deployed on the U.S.-Mexico border. It also discloses that U.S. officials drew up a new intelligence-sharing "framework" in response to pressure from Israeli spy bosses who wanted help with assassinations; that Norwegian intelligence knew about the sinking of the Russian Kursk submarine much sooner than officials have previously said; and that a power outage took down the NSA's nerve center on a hot summer day in 2006.

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Apr. 9 2012 The Chisel and the Vision
Sep. 20 2011 It's OK to Have a Personality... Most of the Time!
Apr. 12 2011 New Policy for the Coalition in Afghanistan Is Signed
Nov. 6 2009 Innovative Super Sized SIGINT Facility Opens in Afghanistan
Oct. 21 2009 What Are the Latest SIGINT Developments in Iraq and Afghanistan? An Interview with Colonel Parker Schenecker
Oct. 19 2009 SID/FAD Presentation: Enabling Coalition Partners in Afghanistan
Oct. 15 2009 From the Sandbox to Mexico: Applying Wartime Tactical Techniques to Strategic Missions
Jul. 8 2009 Hollywood Special Effects? No, It's Modern-Day SIGINT
May. 12 2009 What's Really Going on in Afghanistan? An Interview with Brian Goodman, Recent NCR Afghanistan
Mar. 2 2009 SIGINT Then and Now: Vietnam vs Iraq
Dec. 8 2008 Puis-je vous aider? Highlights from a Third-Party-Training TDY
Jul. 30 2008 The Humble Footnote: Every Dog Has His Day
Jun. 27 2008 Team Writing Projects: Too Many Cooks Spoil the Soup?
Jun. 23 2008 Follow the 'Honey'
Apr. 3 2008 More INMARSAT Locations in Less Time with Increased Accuracy
Aug. 29 2007 SID Around the World: Jumping Into Yorkshire's Village Life with Both Feet
Jun. 18 2007 What Can NSAers Post on Intellipedia? Guidelines Are Now Available!
Apr. 18 2007 RT10: Getting Information to the Front Lines in Time to Make a Difference
Feb. 12 2007 SID Around the World: Walking the Streets of Turkey
Jan. 10 2007 Writing for the Mass Audience: All's Well that Begins Well?
Jan. 5 2007 A New Day... Intellipedian Pioneers Speak at NSA
Jan. 4 2007 Remembering the Kursk -- The View from Norway (repost)
Dec. 29 2006 DANCEHALL Semi-Annual Data Call Coming Soon - January 2007
Dec. 28 2006 Login Procedures to Change for a Number of SIGINT Applications in 2007
Dec. 28 2006 SID Around the World: Life in... Central Maryland?? (repost)
Dec. 27 2006 Collection Breakthrough Gives Added Hope for Hostage Rescue in Colombia
Dec. 27 2006 Annual Joint Management Review Confirms Strength of US-UK Relationship
Dec. 26 2006 Preparing for the SID 2007 Inventory, a Look at SID's 2006 Inventory Pitfalls
Dec. 22 2006 SID Leadership Weekly Meetings Are Back, With Minor Changes
Dec. 22 2006 SIGINT Reporting Leads to Rescue at Sea of 128 Desperate Migrants
Dec. 22 2006 Renewed Interest in the Tunisian Partnership
Dec. 21 2006 Brown Bag Session: Fusing Network Data to Achieve a Global Internet Mapping System
Dec. 21 2006 Enjoy the Holidays
Dec. 21 2006 Profile: Analytic Services and Technology (S24)
Dec. 20 2006 CPE Now Open to All
Dec. 20 2006 First-Ever Maritime Seizure of a Cocaine-Laden Self-Propelled Semi-Submersible
Dec. 20 2006 More on FLIT and Language Training
Dec. 19 2006 Update on the Cryptologic Access Skill Field
Dec. 18 2006 Touchdown for SIGINT In East Pacific Drug Bust
Dec. 18 2006 Language Analysts: A Quick Peek at Five of Your Extraordinary Language-Training Options
Dec. 15 2006 A Healthy Partnership? Time (or Lack Thereof) May Tell!
Dec. 15 2006 What's It Like to Work as an Integree in Canberra?
Dec. 14 2006 MHS System Locates High Interest Internet Cafes, Some Used by Al-Qa'ida in Iraq
Dec. 14 2006 Registration Opens for a Panel Discussion on Homeland Security
Dec. 14 2006 Write Right: Loaded Words: Don't Politicize Reports
Dec. 13 2006 NSA Linguist Performs Quality Control on a Transcript... From 1958!
Dec. 13 2006 New HF Collection System Installed on Korean Island
Dec. 12 2006 Ben Ardisana -- A SIGINT Pioneer
Dec. 12 2006 Upcoming Close-Out of P3 Cycle and Initiation of GG15-and-Below Promotion Cycle
Dec. 11 2006 A Success Story, In Which the MSOC Takes On a Pakistani GSM Network
Dec. 11 2006 Norwegian SIGINTers Are Back in Kosovo
Dec. 8 2006 Mid-Career Reorientation: Thanks for the Feedback!
Dec. 8 2006 Mandatory NO FEAR Training
Dec. 8 2006 CPE Soon Available to All
Dec. 7 2006 CSE Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary
Dec. 7 2006 Language Analysts: A Voice Enhancement Tool Is Here!
Dec. 6 2006 'Top 5' SIDtoday Articles of November
Dec. 6 2006 Looking at Intelligence in a Different Way
Dec. 5 2006 SID Congratulates 62 Graduates of the Language Analysis Development Programs
Dec. 5 2006 Giving Answers, Keeping Secrets
Dec. 4 2006 Analysts: A New Tool for Researching Telecommunications Infrastructure is Now Available
Dec. 4 2006 Third Annual Fossway Working Party Emphasizes Second Party Collaboration
Dec. 1 2006 Fidel Castro: Alive, But Not Quite Kicking
Dec. 1 2006 CIA's 'WIRe' Is Now Online...
Nov. 30 2006 Korean Terrestrial RF Collection Update
Nov. 30 2006 How Does Your Customer Use SIGINT? (repost)
Nov. 29 2006 SID and ITD Collocate Watches, Help Centralize Data-Flow Management
Nov. 29 2006 The Importance of Updating Your Beneficiary Designations
Nov. 28 2006 CFC: An Invitation
Nov. 28 2006 New Iranian NERA Satlink Identified
Nov. 27 2006 SINIO Seminar: Bringing Down a Dictator: The Fall of Milosevic and the Role of Nonviolent Conflict
Nov. 22 2006 Please Don't Utilize That Word! (repost)
Nov. 22 2006 A Remembrance of NSA Thanksgivings Past... (repost)
Nov. 21 2006 2006 European SIGDEV Conference Takes Collaboration to the Next Level
Nov. 21 2006 The A-B-Cs of Determining an Officer's Rank (repost)
Nov. 20 2006 New Processor Boosts Collection Capabilities Against Asian Satellite
Nov. 17 2006 Rebuilding Iraqi SIGINT Capabilities: An Example of Inter-Agency Cooperation
Nov. 17 2006 Proposal: Mid-Career Reorientation Class
Nov. 17 2006 Letter to the Editor: Using Scientific Methods in Analysis
Nov. 16 2006 The State of Covert Collection -- An Interview with SCS Leaders (conclusion)
Nov. 16 2006 Return to Ottawa
Nov. 15 2006 The State of Covert Collection -- An Interview with SCS Leaders (part 1)
Nov. 15 2006 Briefing: A Glimpse into Salafism and the Shaping of Bin Laden, the Islamist
Nov. 14 2006 Letter to the Editor: The Importance of Target Knowledge
Nov. 14 2006 Improving Dataflow to a Valued Partner
Nov. 14 2006 Intellipedia -- It's for Analysts
Nov. 13 2006 Collaboration in Overdrive: A CNE Success
Nov. 13 2006 Intelink: Make the Connection
Nov. 9 2006 Veterans Day Recollections
Nov. 9 2006 RUSSIA/SIGDEV Holds Bootcamp for Hungarian Partners
Nov. 8 2006 The Power of the Purse Strings
Nov. 7 2006 Getting the 'Ungettable' Intelligence: An Interview with TAO's Teresa Shea
Nov. 7 2006 Conducting SIGINT Relationships Beneath the Political Waterline
Nov. 6 2006 Five-Eyes Interoperability Discussions at NSAW -- Knights of the Conference Table?
Nov. 6 2006 Was That a Mortar or a Grenade?
Nov. 6 2006 Upcoming Events Sponsored by the Institute for Analysis
Nov. 3 2006 NSAers Meet With Finns for Annual Talks
Nov. 3 2006 What Was the Most Memorable Veterans Day You Ever Witnessed?
Nov. 3 2006 F6, NSA Texas, and Yakima Research Station Collaborate on Venezuela Survey
Nov. 2 2006 Message From the NSA/CSS Senior Language Authority: Update on the DLPT 5
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